Fleetwood Mac | Dreams | 1977


William Henry Fox Talbot (British, 1800–1877)
Date:ca. 1839
Medium:Photogenic drawing
this really is a stupid rant. dont read it.

I’m so happy to have Terence. Every other person i have been with has some way of breaking my heart and completely screwing me over. Terence is not like that at all. He takes care of me. He makes me food, he helps me feel better about myself. He has made depression appear less and less. I am so grateful for him, and I know he knows that. I haven’t cut for a bit over two months. Terence has some role in that. I really don’t think I could be more content with anyone else. He’s not only my boyfriend but my best friend. He is really the only person to make me feel better about anything. I’m not sure what I would do without him now. I think I would be so lost. I’ve had a few people, i have been head over heels in love with. First, Daniel. He broke my heart and just over all completely screwed me over. But i have no hatred towards him anymore. I understand we’re all going through some shit, and that can make us do some shitty things to other people. Daniel was awful, but I forgive him because I don’t have enough room in my heart or head for someone who doesn’t matter. Second, Diana. I’ve always loved Diana since I was in middle school. I still love her, but she has been confusing and just really shitty. I know she has gone through so much bullshit, so I started out forcing myself to forgive her, but now its not so hard to forgive her. Its easy to forgive people, once you let go of them. I don’t want my heart to be taken by these people who don’t mean anything to me anymore. And I won’t let it happen. I really hope they’re all doing well, and I am so sure they are. But now its time for me to worry about how everyone is doing in my life. I have Terence, Erik, Erin, and so much more. These people have not fucked me over like the people I was previously talking about before. They have always been there for me when I need them most. They are the people I know will be forever. Forever with me. I am more grateful than I could even begin to explain. I don’t think I’ve felt this happy in awhile. I believe I have finally come to peace with myself and I can’t wait to see where this all takes me.


A magnifying glass I bought / Ocean in the night


SOOK / I feel unsure about this painting… what is my “style” anyway…
"   To forgive is the highest, and the most beautiful form of love. In return, you will receive untold peace and happiness. So forgive.   "
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Even though i am covering my face, i felt good about how i looked on Sunday and i felt hella fly too.


King Krule.

Do I look like a piece of neo-expressionist art yet? 


Grimes (Claire Boucher) 


Grimes for Idol Magazine